What if my child is absent?

Just be sure that he/she returns to school with a note excusing the absence. Be aware that there is an attendance limit of 5 absences per class - any more than that is considered excessive and an attendance notification letter will be sent home. Further absences will result in additional action being taken by school personnel and possible prosecution.

Some absences do not count toward the attendance limit, such as a school activity, doctor's appointment, hospitalization, death in the family, or religious ceremony.

Feel free to read Page High School's attendance policy.  For more information, please call the Attendance Office @ 928-608-4135.
Is late busing available for after school tutoring and clubs?

Yes. The after school day ends at 4:25 p.m., and late buses run for students who are using the open lab, tutorial, library, and all other extended-day programs. Students must have a pass from the activity in order to ride the bus at 4:30 p.m.

For more information, feel free to review Page High School's late activity route detail.
Does Page High School have a dress code?

Students should dress neatly and appropriately. We recognize that everyone feels more at ease when properly dressed and groomed. To uphold the image of the school as a place of learning, please review our dress code. 
What are the meal prices?

Page High School cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch daily. The high school lunch program uses the student's ID number in place of a breakfast/lunch ticket.

Breakfast: $1.85 for full paid students a day/ $.30 for reduced students daily
Lunch: $2.50 for full paid students a day/ $.40 for reduced students daily 
Milk: $.60 when purchased separately 
Orange juice: $.60 when purchased separately

 **Prices are subject to change**

Feel free to review all cafeteria guidelines and meal prices.
My son/daughter will be driving to school. What are the rules for parking?

For the safety of the students, students may park in the CAB (Cultural Arts Building) parking lot. We will not allow students to "hang out" in the school parking lots during the instructional day.  A student parking permit on each vehicle is required.  Parking permits can be purchased at the Student Store.
What are the attendance requirements for my child to participate in school activities?

Students need to attend the entire school day in order to be eligible to attend an activity occurring the same day. For weekend competitions or activities, students must attend the entire day prior to the competition. Exceptions need to be cleared through the principal or his designee prior to the activity. Unexcused tardies over 15 minutes will be counted as truancy and will disqualify students from participation.

Please review our attendance for activities policy.
What are the academic eligibility requirements for participation in athletics?

In order to participate in all AIA sponsored athletic events, AIA sponsored drama events, or competitions/festivals for band, WGI, orchestra, and choir, a PHS student must pass all classes every three weeks.

Please feel free to review all academic eligibility requirements
What is the High School Site Council?

The mission of the Page Unified School District is to provide each student with a challenging academic education in a caring and safe environment. The Page High School Site Council meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month @ 4:15pm and consists of parents, students, community members, high school staff (classified and certified), and high school administrators. For more information or to learn how you can get involved, contact Mr. Guenther at (928) 608-4185.
When are AIMS tests administered?

High School AIMS  
Spring AIMS  
Writing Retakes
Reading Retakes
Math Retakes
What are the Page High School Graduation Requirements?

We have several diploma options from which to choose, including a standard diploma and an academic diploma.