What is AVID?

The primary goal of AVID, which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, is to close the achievement gap between students. As part of this goal, AVID aims to get as many students interested in pushing their education beyond the postsecondary as possible, especially those of disadvantaged backgrounds.

At Page High School, there are about 120 students enrolled in the program. For those enrolled, AVID offers them a variety of opportunities and resources that they can use to better themselves academically and to prepare themselves for college. One way AVID students do this is through “Tutorials”, which are essentially group tutoring sessions where participants bring up school/homework problems they are having issues with and the class works through them together. AVID students can also take advantage of AVID tutors that are made available to them for their benefit. The AVID course itself also teaches students how to take and review notes and organize their binders/materials efficiently so better themselves academically.

Due to the expectations AVID has of its students, nearly all AVID students are enrolled in honors and AP courses. Which, according to PHS AVID Coordinator Erin Lively, is all with college preparedness in mind. “We send them on the honors track from the get-go. The whole point is that they do climb that ladder and that they are ready for college,” says Lively.

Beyond the classroom, AVID students also get to take part in other activities, such as College Night, Parent Night, field trips to various universities both in state and out of state and even community service.

The Impact of AVID

As result of the initiatives of AVID and the services they provide students, the rates at which AVID students apply and are accepted to colleges/universities can’t get much better. In fact, last year, every single senior in the program applied and were accepted. Lively says that the research indicates that if you get at least three years into the program, you are very likely to successfully pursue some form of postsecondary education. Although the number of students AVID can accept into their program is limited, Lively encourages them to join the AVID Club, which is open to all students interested in postsecondary education.

Interested in joining the AVID Club?

AVID Club is open to ANY and ALL students that want to be college bound. Our focus is on service to the community and school along with fundraising for a college trip.

We plan to visit California in the late spring/early summer and tour several colleges.

Contact Erin Lively at elively@pageud.org for more information!